The Vermouths

 To understand vermouth, one first must understand aperitif ses. Aperitif derives from the Latin aperire, which is the verb “to open,” in the sense of opening up the appetite. All true aperitifs carry a bittersweet character that stimulates the production of gastric juices and promotes appetite.

Aperitif wines are aromatized wines. Aromatized means that the wine has been infused with botanicals that add flavor and color. The aperitif wine category includes all vermouth's, quinquina's, americano's, and an smattering of other proprietary formula wine products.Type your paragraph here.

The word “vermouth” derives from “wormwood”, and is inherited from earlier Hungarian and German wormwood-infused wines of the same name. Modern vermouth—what we mean by “vermouth” since the early 19th Century—is a refinement incorporating the most desirable elements of both these older wines and various other traditions. Wormwood remains vermouth’s principal, defining botanical. Modern vermouth—as a commercial product—originated in the region around Turin, Italy in the late 18th Century as a moderately sweet, herbaceous, compounded bottled beverage.

Geographically, the cradle of vermouth is the ethnically Italian Piemonte and the ethnically French Savoy regions, which, in the 18th Century comprised the mainland territory of the Kingdom of Sardinia


 Averna Amaro
Herbal bittersweet scent. Smooth on the tongue with herbal and citrus, followed by dominant caramel flavors, a hint of coffee and a sweet and lightly bitter finish.

Carpano Antica Formula
A highly-regarded product first introduced in the 1990s. Antica Formula is an example of the vermouth alla vaniglia style: a red vermouth with added vanilla flavoring and sugar to balance. 

Doulin Rouge
Imparts lovely spice notes amid a light and fresh profile, with a clean finish. More than fifty herbs flavor this vermouth; its profile is firm and balanced, without excessive sweet or lingering aftertaste. 


Martini & Rossi Rosso
A devoted selection of regional herbs are at its heart, and natural caramel imparts its rich scarlet hue.

Nollie Prat Rouge
Wines are selectively aged in oak casks and gently infused with the finest quality aromatic herbs and spices, to create the unique taste of Noilly Prat Rouge with spicy notes of saffron, cloves and cocoa beans.

Punt E Mes Sweet
(“Point-and-a-half”)A rare example of a vermouth amaro, or “vermouth con bitter,” a style of vermouth with extra bitters added; this style has bitters built-in.