Flights of Fancy

 Our number one goal here is exploration. To not only see the diversity from around the world, but discovering the differences from within a family of bourbons.

A 'Flight of Fancy' consists of three 1 ounce pours side by side for you compare and contrast, not only in flavor but color and aroma. 

Build your own tasting from our collection, tailored to your curiosity piqued or select from the following suggestions..... 


  The Beam Family

A Family Legacy ~ Bakers 7yr, Basil Hayden 8yr, Bookers, 6yr                          
Up The Creek ~ Knob Creek Rye, 9yr Small Batch, 9yr Single Barrel              

   Bourbon County  

Bulleits Over Bourbon Co. ~ Bulleit Frontier Small Batch, Rye,10yr             
Three Roses ~ Four Roses Small Batch, Single Barrel, Private Selection      
Make Your Mark ~ Makers Mark Small Batch, 46, Barrel Proof          
Like Father ~ Wild Turkey 101 Proof, Rare Breed, Forgiven              
Like Son ~ Russell’s Reserve Small Batch, Single Barrel, Rye         
Woodford Reserve ~ Small Batch, Double Wood, Rye                    

   All in the Family

New Hampshire’s Own ~ Beat 3 Reserve, Flag Hill Straight, Smokey Quartz v5      
Wild, Wild West ~ High West Campfire Whiskey, Rendezvous Rye, Double Rye     
The Grains ~ Hudson Baby High Corn, Manhattan Rye, Four Grain                    
Tennessee’s Own ~ Jack Daniels Single Barrel, Single Barrel Rye, Barrel Proof       



Bushmills ~ Old Bushmills, Black Bush, 10yr             
Jameson’s ~ Cask Mates, Black Barrel, Coopers Croze       
Teelings ~ Small Batch, Single Grain, Single Malt  


Across The Glen’s ~ The Glenlivet12yr, Glenfiddich 12yr, Glenmorangie 10yr         The Ardbegs ~ 10yr Single Malt, Corryvreckan, Uigeadial    
The Walkers ~ Johnnie Walker Red, Johnnie Walker Black, Johnnie Walker Blue 

Flights Patterns

Just what is a Vertical Flight?



Like with wine, where reds are preferred at room temperature, whites at cooler temperatures, and sparking wines chilled, so too do whiskies react to temperature fluctuations. Everyone grows to recognize their preferences when being served a drink of their choice, be it Neat, On the Rocks, or With Water. If you have grown accustom to one service preference, you may not be as keen towards other styles of service.  Where with a Traditional Flight or Perfect Pairing, you get to explore the differences and similarities between different whiskey styles, distillations, agings such as Small Batches, Single Barrels, Blends.   

With a Vertical Flight we serve three 1 ounce pours of a single whiskey of your choice. We also provide you with a side of water, and a glass with ice. There also great for the true beginner, as you may or may not know what you are getting your taste buds into. Taking a small step along all three of the following roads will better introduce you to which direction best suits your situation at the moment.  There's nothing worse than a bad first impression that doesn't have to be.  

Perfect Pairings

 A 'Perfect Pairing' may mean whatever you wish. Perhaps it's two flavors complimenting themselves in perfect harmony. Perhaps it's a clash of cultures, say sweet versus sour, or mild versus spicey. And perhaps it's the unknown, not knowing what you will find until you try two items side by side for the first time.

Here we offer the chance to try two 1 ounce pours side by side, to compare and contrast the Master Distillers creativity and exploration themselves. Be it from their choice of grains, a higher corn content lends to a sweeter flavor, where a higher rye content brings out a more spicier flavor. A Small Batch blending and a Single Barrel will also reveal a difference in tastes. Even simply changing the percentage of alcohol will change the flavor enough to take notice.

Feel free to build your own tasting from our collection,or select from the following suggestions…. 


Small Versus Single Barrel

                                      Small Batch 1792 * 1792 Single Barrel
                        Small Batch E.H. Taylor * E.H. Taylor Single Barrel

                        Small Batch Four Roses  * Four Roses Single Barrel
                                   No. 7 Jack Daniels * Jack Daniels Single Barrel
                Very Small Batch Jefferson’s * Jefferson’s Reserve 


Corn Versus Rye

                                               Frontier Bulleit * Bulleit Rye

                     American Prairie High West * High West Double Rye
                                     Campfire High West * High West Reserve Rye
                                Reserve Rye High West * High West Double Rye
                                       No. 7 Jack Daniels * Jack Daniels Rye
                     9Yr Small Batch Knob Creek * Knob Creek Rye
       10yr Small Batch Russell’s Reserve * Russell’s Reserve 6yr Rye
                                  101 Proof Wild Turkey * Wild Turkey 101 Proof Rye
              Small Batch Woodford Reserve * Woodford Reserve Rye 


Low Proof Versus High Proof

          90 Proof Small Batch Four Roses * Four Roses Private Selection 119 Proof
                                  80 Proof Jack Daniels * Jack Daniels Barrel Proof 100 Proof
       100 Proof Small Batch Knob Creek * Knob Creek 9yr Single Barrel 120 Proof
       90 Proof Small Batch Makers Mark * Makers Mark Cask Strength 110 Proof

90 Proof 10yr Small  Russell’s Reserve * Russell’s Reserve Single Barrel 110 Proof